Rasmalai Recipe with Milk Powder By Baba Food RRC

Rasmalai Recipe 

Rasmalai Recipe with Milk Powder By babafoodrrc.com, Delicious and quick.
It’s time to have a yummy sweet, which will make your day delightful. So let’s start with our ingredients.

What are the things needed to make Rasmalai Recipe from milk powder?

Rasmalai Recipe with Milk Powder

To make Rasmalai Recipe, the ingredients you need.

  • 1 ⅔ cups/ 175 gr/ full fat/ whole milk powder.
  • 1 TSP/ 4 gr/ baking powder.
  • 2 small eggs.
  • ½ cup/ 100 gr/ granulated sugar.
  • 6 cups/ 1.5 litres/ full fat/ whole milk.
  • 4 cardamom pods.(see the notes)
  • A pinch of salt (optional)
  • A handful of nuts of your choice, finely chopped.
  • A pinch of saffron threads (optional).

How to Prepare Rasmalai Recipe with Milk Powder

  • Step 1: Sieve the milk powder and baking powder into a large mixing bowl.


  • Step 2: Lightly beat the eggs.


  • Step 3: Pour the milk powder into the eggs little by little as you stir it with your hands.


  • Step 4: Mix the milk powder and the eggs until they come together. You will get a slightly sticky dough, but not too sticky that you still can work on it. You may have to stop adding the eggs if you find the dough is moist enough.


  • Step 5: Then take a small piece of the milk dough and shape it into a small ball about 2.5 cm/ 1 inch in diameter. Press and flatten it a little, so you get a small, round disc. Do so until all the dough is finished. Set aside.


  • Step 6: In a wide cooking pan, heat the milk, sugar, cardamom pods and a pinch of salt (if using) at moderately high heat. Once it reaches boiling point, turn the heat down to the lowest of that cooker.


  • Step 7: Carefully slide down all the milk balls into the boiling milk and let them cook. After about 3–5 minutes, you can see the dough balls turning themselves around. When all of them are turned, put the lid on and continue cooking at low heat for about 15–20 minutes. You can check them every five minutes to see if the RasMalai turn themselves again.


  • Step 8: When the boiling is done, turn the heat off but leave the Rasmalai rest with the lid on for at least 10 minutes before you put them in a serving dish.


  • Step 9: Garnish your Rasmalai with chopped pistachios, almond flakes and slivers of saffron.


  • 1: A pinch of salt in sweets enhances the flavour. But you can omit it if you don’t think so.
  • 2: Pistachios and almonds are the most common choices for Rasmalai. But you can swap them with any nuts you prefer. Just make sure you chop them finely, as you don’t want big chunks of nuts getting in the way of your fluffy Rasmalai recipe. And if you prefer, you can skip the nuts altogether. Especially if you have a nut allergy. You can omit cardamom pods if you don’t have them or don’t like them. Though the smell of this spice is WHA… Hope you like this recipe.

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